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dh2f steel

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  1. dh2f steel Plastic Mold Steels: DH2F - Benefits - imsteel.com

    DH2F is a resulfurised steel and sulfur can affect polishing. We recommend contacting International Mold Steel if you are considering SPI #2 or better polish. Welding The same filler material that is used for typical H13 is recommended for DH2F. - Pre-heat temperature: 575-650°F - Post-heat temperature: 750-1000°F

  2. dh2f steel International Mold Steel DH2F Pre-Hardened H13-Type Mold Steel

    Pre-Hardened H13-Type Mold Steel, Description: DH2F is one of the best machining pre-hardened H13-type steels available. Unique Characteristics: 38-42 HRc hardness. Through hardened for exceptional dimensional stability. Cuts mold making

  3. dh2f steel 日本进口DH2F模具钢材料|大同DH2F压铸模具钢专业供应商 ...

    日本大同DH2F模具钢可以满足快速制造模具的需要,所以不需要热处理,DH2F模具钢适用于形状复杂、精密模具及零部件和工件,切削性能出色,便于加工刻模,可缩短模具 ...

  4. dh2f steelDH2F】_DH2F价格_DH2F厂家-中华轴承网


  5. dh2f steel Plastic Mold Steels: DH2F - Physical Properties

    Plastic Mold Steels. DH2F Physical Properties. Average coefficient of Thermal Expansion for DH2F and H-13

  6. dh2f steel DH2F® | Lindquist Steels

    DH2F® is a pre-hardened modified H13 material that is an excellent alternative to materials like Viscount 44®. It heavily utilized in plastic molds, zinc die cast dies, short run aluminum die cast dies, rubber molds, and much more. DH2F® is supplied at 37-41 HRC and is available in Plate, Block, and Round bar forms.

  7. dh2f steel daidopdm.co.th - DH2F

    DH2F(SKD61 Prehardened (40HRC) Free Machining Steel) ★ Prehardened at 37-41HRC. Ready To Be Machined Into Dies & Parts. ★ Excellent Machinability & Grindability Raise Productivity. ★ Excellent Heatcheck resistance & Errosion Resistance. ★ Surface Treating Gives DH2F Enhanced Abrasion & Corrosion Resistance. ★ Shortened Die Making Period and Better Cost Performance.

  8. dh2f steel 供应DH2F,DH2F预硬高韧性热作模具钢,DH2F预硬热作模具 ...

    深圳意达公司专业供应DH2F,DH2F预硬高韧性热作模具钢,DH2F预硬热作模具钢,DH2F模具钢,我公司拥有雄厚的资金及库存实力,我们竭诚为模具工业的科研、生产提供全方位的 ...

  9. dh2f steel Dh2f Tool Steels | Products & Suppliers | Engineering360

    Find Dh2f Tool Steels related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Dh2f Tool Steels information. ... DH2F@ (Modified H13 Tool Steel ) DH2F is a prehardenedmodification of H13 tool steel for die casting dies and componentsfor aluminum and zinc dies.

  10. dh2f steel Hot Work Tool Steel (Die-Casting Die) | DAIDO STEEL

    Tool steel is ranked among our major products and we have a wide variety of products for cold work tool steels, hot work tool steels, high-speed tool steels, and plastic mold steels.

  11. dh2f steel 日本大同预硬易切削热作模具钢DH2F - 钢铁资讯网-模具钢材 ...

    时间:2010-1-23来源:东莞市弘超模具科技 作者: Steel info点击: 次 日本大同预硬易切削热作模具钢DH2F DH2F---日本大同模具钢 SKD61改良*40HRC级预硬 ...

  12. dh2f steel Mould Steel Dh2f Tool Steel, Steel Round Bars - Makepolo

    Mould Steel Dh2f Tool Steel, Find high Quality Products from Steel Round Bars, Dongguan Changwei Mould Steels Co., Ltd.

  13. dh2f steel DH2F | Foshan Summit Nikka Mold & Metal Products Co., Ltd.

    Hot working die steel DH2F SKD61 Improved* 40HRC Prehardened Easy Cutting Hot Work Die Steel [su_tabs][su_tab title=

  14. dh2f steel DH2F Steel - Tempering Diagram

    Steel group: Plastic mould tool steels Applications: Molds for plastics, diecast die components, plunger tips, sprue bushings, diecasting dies for aluminum and zinc, dies for aluminum extrusions, press dies, dieplate strippers, machine parts. Comment: DH2F is a modified H-13, prehardened 37-41 HRC. Reference: Not shown in this demo version ...

  15. dh2f steel DH2F - NAK80,DC53模具钢,SLD模具钢,DAC模具钢 ...

    苏州钜研精密模具钢材有限公司 Suzhou PROMAX Precision mould steel co., LTD 产品资料 DH2F http://www.promaxs.com

  16. dh2f steel DH2F Steel - Tempering Diagram

    Other steel data links Carbides in Steel CCT & TTT diagrams of Steels Etchants Database Hardenability Diagrams of Steels Macro Defects in Steel Non-Metallic Inclusions in Steel Disclaimer: The information and data presented herein are typical or average values and are not a guarantee of maximum or minimum values.

  17. dh2f steel DH2F-Pre-hardened hot work die steel

    DH2F-Pre-hardened hot work die steel 由shanghai Hang the U.S Metal Products CO.,Ltd.供应,该产品简介:DH2F hot work die steel DH2F-Pre-hardened hot work die steel

  18. dh2f steel DH2F模具钢_DH2F模具钢销售_更好的DH2F模具钢_昆山市 ...


  19. dh2f steel DH2F模具钢_上海隆继金属制品有限公司1.4057,1.4571,1 ...

    日本大同金属 DH2F DAIDO 预硬高韧性热作模具钢 DH2F的特长: 1、已经预硬至37~41HRC(表面硬度),无须热处理。适用于形状复杂、精密之模具及零部件。 2、切削性能 ...

  20. dh2f steel 供应DH2F,DH2F预硬高韧性热作模具钢,DH2F预硬热作模具 ...

    深圳实力兴公司专业供应DH2F,DH2F预硬高韧性热作模具钢,DH2F预硬热作模具钢,DH2F模具钢,我公司拥有雄厚的资金及库存实力,我们竭诚为模具工业的科研、生产提供全方位 ...

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